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Before and After Pictures

Below are examples of rooms I've assisted my clients in staging for more buyers.  Some are subtle changes that make a big difference in person.  Others have a change in paint color or an update.  Staging can cost $0 to as much as you want to spend, and big changes often don't cost a dime.

Foyers are usually the first impression upon entering the home.  Make it inviting.  Use artwork to pull the buyer inside.  Lamps warm up any room.
This living room just has too much stuff, from cat tree to dog bed.  Notice in the After, how color and round accessories bring the eye to the large retangular fireplace, making it the focal point of the room and drawing the buyer in.  Remove unnecessary furniture, personal items, animal toys/beds.
A gallon of paint in a neutral color can be one of the most inexpensive updates while making one of the largest impacts on a room.  Dark colors can make a room appear smaller and dated.
Buyers are looking for SPACE and FEATURES.  Never take up space with furniture that's not going to stay and always accentuate features such as the fireplace, which is virtually hidden in the Before picture.  Family pictures have been replaced by artwork to draw the eye to the fireplace.
Kitchens & baths sell houses.  The first step is to clear counters and CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN.  Special lighting can give an ordinary bathroom that "spa" feeling.
Upgrades typically result in a higher offer.  Otherwise, the buyer sees them as something they'll have to do, which usually results in a lower offer.  In the before picture, there is a lot to distract the eye.  Look at the difference with new hard surface and uncluttered countertops.
Make sure the kitchen is set for meals, not paying bills.  MUST be very clean and uncluttered
Each room should have ONE purpose or it can confuse Buyers.  This dining room is also serving as office space.  There are also lots of family photos on the walls.  Make it easy for buyers to see the purpose and space of each room.  Personal photos say it's your home, not theirs.
This breakfast room was being used for storage and paying bills.  Removing everything that doesn't pertain to meals opens the space and makes the area more inviting.
Hallways lead to another area of the house.  Make them warm and inviting.  Artwork and mirrors make the area more inviting to Buyers.  Doors should be open so buyers will feel comfortable entering.
This bedroom room is being used for storage, but besides a bedroom, it could serve as a den, office or playroom.  Notice all the space, which is what the buyer is buying.  Lamp light warms the space and invites the buyer to enter.
Changing the direction of furniture can expose more space.  Bring in light from the outside.
A small or narrow room must have furniture strategically placed to show space in the room.
Extra furniture & personal belongings can distract from that restful theme of a bedroom.  Think of the feeling you get when you enter the bedroom of your favorite vacation spot, where you go to relax and recreate yourself, and duplicate that feeling.


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